Comcast Miami Metro

Our team partnered up with Comcast telecommunications located in the metropolitan area of Miami to expand an existing data center. The data center expansion would increase the service area for internet infrastructure within the Miami Dade County area. The complexities involving this project involved working under extreme caution. The data room, which provides internet connectivity to over 1.4 million customers, had to be at ideal temperature and operational at all times. Changes in temperature can cause failure to the server room and cause problems throughout their service areas. The building is equipped with hundreds of internet servers that give service to all the Comcast customers of various areas in Miami Dade County. We expanded their data hub with a 3,000 square foot server room, with brand new A/C Equipment and back up generators to keep the data room and server room cool. In addition, the parking lot and the landscape were renovated to help promote less energy usage by increasing the green area coverage surrounding the building.